Ari Sundar


Seasoned Female Ssi-Ruuk Field Medic
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Charisma: -2; Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 6 (1); Bennies: 3
Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d8, Healing d6, Intimidation d4, Notice d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Survival d6, Tracking d6
Languages: Basic, Ssi-ruuvi, XXX
Hindrances: Curious(Major), Force Blind(racial), Outsider(minor), Prone to Panic(racial), Wanted(minor)
Edges: Acrobat, Assassin, Dodge, Fleet-Footed(racial), Keen Smell(racial), Martial Artist, Natural Armor(racial)
Gear: Light Blaster (2d4), Ssi-Ruuvi medkit, credstick (50 cr.)

Sara – You need to select an additional language. You have the Assassin Edge, but you don’t meet the requirements (needs Climbing d6 and Stealth d8). You will need to pick a different Edge (Alertness?) or increase Attributes or Skills.

Current Allocation:
Attributes: 1 advance
Skills: 1 advance
Edges: 4 advances


Backstory to be published when revealed!

Ari Sundar

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